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Compound, final glaze and wax   £165.00
Final glaze and wax                   £120.00
Wheel refurb.                            £65.00 per wheel 
(prices may differ depending on wheel size)                                

Oil and fluid services 
Oil and filter                              £145.00
Brake fluid                                   £65.00
Water coolant                              £55.00
Gearbox oil change will be quoted on enquiry depending on the vehicle.

Engine works

Other Services 

Pre purchase inspections             £65.00
Wheel alignment                     £120.00
Air conditioning re-gas              £110.00
Vehicle health check                 £110.00
Catalytic converter clean           £280.00
(DPF clean)

Key replacement/coding
Warning light reset
Airbag reset 
Porsche diagnostics
Tyres (pricing on enquiry)
Spark plugs                                £145.00
Drive belt                                     £55.00
Engine rebuilds will be quoted on enquiry

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All prices are exclusive of VAT

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